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Elsevier Dictionary of Computer Graphics

Elsevier Dictionary of Computer Graphics
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Elsevier's Dictionary of Computer Graphics contains 10,540 terms with more than 2,600 cross-references that are commonly used in the theory and practice of computer graphics. Included are terms from all areas related to a) the theory of computer graphics - descriptive geometry, projective geometry, topology, fractal geometry, color science; and b) the practice of computer graphics - computer-aided design (CAD) systems, technical drawing, computer art, computer animation, business graphics, scientific visualization, virtual reality, graphical programming, image processing, graphical computer devices.

As well as the commonly used terms in the above-mentioned areas, the dictionary also includes terms that are currently coming into use, especially in the areas of computer-aided design systems, computer art, computer animation, virtual reality and graphical programming.

Elsevier's Dictionary of Computer Graphics will be a valuable tool for engineers, scientists, artists, students and for everyone who takes an interest in computer graphics.

  • 800 pages
  • 10,540 terms
  • Hardbound

    Product ID: 101825     ISBN-10: 0444500278
    Categories: Dictionary, Dictionary > Computers
    Supporting languages: English, French, German, Russian
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