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Elsevier Dictionary of Cereal Processing and Cereal Chemistry (Book)
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In English, German, French, Latin and Russian
By R. Schneeweiss
This multilingual dictionary presents special terms from the technical and scientific literature in the area of cereal processing and cereal chemistry. The following fields are covered: cereal storage and drying; milling; compound feeds production; baking and confectionery; production of cereal-based food, and cereal chemistry. The dictionary consists of three parts: the basic part, in alphabetical order according to the English language, with translations in German, French, and Latin (for biological terms); the second part, consisting of alphabetical German, French and Latin indexes; and the third part comprising numerical and alphabetical Russian lists. In all 6,932 entries are included and clear explanations of possibly ambiguous terms have been given. Symbols have been used to indicate whether a term is out of date, little used, or often used in a sense which is not recommended. In compiling this dictionary, the authors - J.Bartsch, S. Schröder and J. Buré - were assisted by the working group `Information and Documentation' of the International Association for Cereal Chemistry (I.C.C.) as well as the All-Union Research Institutes for the Baking Industry and for the Confectionery Industry in Moscow.

Food Technology in Australia
This is the first multilingual dictionary in the field and it will obviously be essential to all professionals, students and translators who are not sufficiently familiar with the specialized vocabulary to understand the appropriate literature in a foreign language. It will be a valuable contribution to the international exchange of information in the field of cereal processing.

  • 532 pages
  • 6,932 terms

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    Supporting languages: English, French, German, Latin, Russian
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