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Languages > Spanish > Fiction > El enigma de Cambises

El enigma de Cambises
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By Paul Sussman In the year of 532 BC, the Persian king Cambyses dispatched an army of fifty thousand men across Egypt's wesern desert to destroy the Oracle of Amun at the oasis of Siwa. Somewhere in the middle of their journey, his army was overwhelmed and buried by a sandstorm. He lost all of his men. 2,500 years later...Egyptian Inspector Yusuf Jalifa investigates the appearing of a mutilated corps in Luxor, by the river Nile. The corps of a poor mason that trafficked with antiques. Another crime, a dead antiquarian from Cairo, will draw him to Saif Allah's men, a fundamentalist group that financed its terrorist activites by selling robbed archeological pieces

Product ID: 107208
Category: Fiction
Supporting language: Spanish
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
464 pages, paperback