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Languages > Portuguese > Religious Studies > Buddhism > SGI > Educação Para Uma Vida Criativa - Makiguchi - Portuguese
Educação Para Uma Vida Criativa - Makiguchi - Portuguese

Educação Para Uma Vida Criativa - Makiguchi - Portuguese
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Education for Creative Living is a translation of position papers and notes, written over a thirty-year period and published in the early 1930's by Japanese educator Tsunesaburo Makiguchi. Born in 1871, Makiguchi achieved his first success at the age of thirty-two with the publication of A geography of Human Life. He went on to establish the forerunner of Soka Gakkai in 1930.

He believed that Japanese education, far from creating a democratic society of responsible, independent citizens, turned most youths into morally and socially irresponsible automatons. In fact, he blamed education for many social ells and agonized over the force-feeding of information to students. He professed that students must experience happiness, even at school, and that education should be relevant to their lives.

As the book outlines his inspiring philosophy and revolutionary proposals, one can well appreciate his basic argument that education ought to engage interest.

This translation is a joint effort by editor Dayle M. Bethel and translator Alfred Birnbaum. It has been called a milestone by concerned parents and educators and, as such, it seems appropriate for those nations in which social mores seem to be eroding, especially among the young.

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