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Edge 21: Sight Translation

Edge 21: Sight Translation
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Edge 21: Sight Translation

Edge 21: Sight Translation is the third volume of the three-volume Edge 21 set. The other two volumes are:

Edge 21: Consecutive Interpreting
Edge 21: Simultaneous Interpreting

Each of the three volumes addresses one of the three modes of interpreting used in court interpretation and tested in major court interpretation certification exams. Together, these three volumes, and their accompanying audio files on USB Memory sticks, provide a complete set of materials to practice the techniques of Spanish-English court interpreting.

Edge 21: Sight Translation consists of a 112-page book and a set of five audio CDs. The book is three-hole drilled so that you can, if you wish, keep it in a standard three-ring binder. An album suitable for holding all Edge 21 product CDs is included with your first purchase of an Edge 21 component.

These materials are suitable for use both by individuals seeking to acquire or improve court interpreting skills on their own and by college level court interpreter training programs.

About the CDs - The Two-Tone Concept

Because sight translation involves source material that is written, rather than spoken, the CDs that accompany the book do not contain any source material. They contain only the author's sight translation of that material. The audio files on USB memory sticks do not, therefore, employ the two-tone stereo technique used on the Edge 21: Consecutive Interpreting and Edge 21: Simultaneous Interpreting CDs.

For a complete explanation of the two-tone concept, please refer to the descriptions of Edge 21: Consecutive Interpreting and Edge 21: Simultaneous Interpreting.

Tracks per Audio files

The Edge 21: Sight Translation Audio files enable the movement backward and forward in small increments within a text.

The length of the tracks varies, but is generally between two and five minutes.

In the book, track numbers are shown in the left margin of the text, and divisions between tracks are shown as alternating white and shaded bands.

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