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Ectaco Law Enforcement SpeechGuard PD-5
Ectaco Law Enforcement SpeechGuard PD-5

Ectaco Law Enforcement SpeechGuard PD-5
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The world's first hands free/eye free 2-way communication system for use in investigation and situational procedures.

Police work is dangerous enough without the added risk of language-based miscommunication. When tension levels are running high or even when interrogating a suspect there is often no time to wait for the arrival of interpreters. The ECTACO Law Enforcement SpeechGuard PD-5 provides instant backup for you and your partners in situations where communication barriers prevent you from carrying out your duties, saving lives, and bringing a situation under control. Designed specifically for use by Law Enforcement personnel, the Law Enforcement SpeechGuard PD-5 provides officers with access to thousands of directives, phrases, and questions that can all be issued without looking at the device. Recorded by professional native-speakers, all phrases are designed to be 100% understandable in extreme noise environments. Simply speak up to 3 words into the device in English and have a phrase spoken back in the language of the person you need to communicate with. Current languages include Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin), Polish, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, and Farsi (Persian) with the possibility to add more languages upon special request.


  • Professionally Recorded Audio Directives. Select from thousands of situation specific phrases/questions and have them spoken out loud instantly in the language you have chosen using an easily understood human voice.
  • Issue Commands. Speak 2 or 3 keywords in high noise environments and have full phrases spoken on your behalf. All done hands free and eyes free!
  • Full Text Translation. Complete two-way communication. Type a word or sentence in either of the pre-loaded languages and have it instantly translated into text and/or speech.
  • Cultural Notes. Provides background information on the customs of the communities that you are engaged with.
  • Language Teacher. Learn to speak new languages phonetically with the aid of an audio/visual analyzer.
  • Audio Player/Voice Recorder. Play MP3 files or record conversations for future reference.

    Product ID: 500236
    Categories: Dictionary, Handheld Dictionary, Hardware/Misc., Law, MP3 Player, Translation
    Supporting languages: Arabic, Chinese, Farsi (Persian), Japanese, Korean, Mandarin - See Chinese, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese
    Platforms/media types: Handheld