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Languages > Russian > Dictionary > Electronics > Ectaco English <-> Russian Partner ER400 Professional
Ectaco English <-> Russian Partner ER400 Professional

Ectaco English <-> Russian Partner ER400 Professional
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Offering state-of-the-art English speech synthesis, this fully-integrated bidirectional language tool is one of the most versatile and flexible professional communication devices currently available. Powerful and sophisticated, it incorporates the latest text-to-speech technology and will certainly become one of the most important and reliable tools for use in fulfilling your professional communication requirements. In-depth technical dictionaries on subjects such as Medicine, the Law, Computers, Finances and Oil make this one of the most comprehensive professional handhelds available anywhere.

Designed to assist you in a wide-range professional tasks, the extensive resources this dictionary offers will also be of benefit to language students and businesspeople as well. Its fully integrated functions are effortlessly accessible through the bilingual interface offering unparalleled ease of use.

Effective learning curve

  • American QWERTY keyboard, Russian standard and phonetic keyboard layouts
  • New fully customizable bilingual interface
  • Medical, technical, legal, business, computer, law, financial, and oil specialized dictionaries
  • The latest technology delivering English speech synthesis
  • Common phrases for business correspondence
  • Instant back translation function
  • English grammar reference and the list of irregular verbs
  • Customized word list compilation
  • Popular American idioms, colloquial expressions, and daily use phrases
  • Award-winning Vector Ultima bilingual spell-checking system
  • New words recording function will allow you to customize your dictionary
  • Transcription for dictionary entries

    Added functionality

  • Bilingual personal organizer for scheduling and telephone numbers, equipped with search function comply with highest industry standards
  • Built-in metric and currency converters, local and world time
  • AC adapter and PC-exchange options; purchased separately

    Product ID: 109103
    Categories: Dictionary, Dictionary > Electronics, Handheld Dictionary
    Supporting languages: English, Russian
    Platforms/media types: Handheld
  • Language pair: Russian<->English; English<->Russian
  • Vocabulary: 1,100,000 words
  • Size: 4.6 x 3.5 x 0.6 in
  • Weight: 4 oz
  • Battery Type: 2 x AAA batteries, included
  • PC connection: Yes