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Languages > Chinese > Learn > Children's > Easy & Fun Chinese for Kids (6 CD-ROMs, 6 DVDs, 6 Books, 1 Pack of Cards)
Easy & Fun Chinese for Kids (6 CD-ROMs, 6 DVDs, 6 Books, 1 Pack of Cards)

Easy & Fun Chinese for Kids (6 CD-ROMs, 6 DVDs, 6 Books, 1 Pack of Cards)
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Easy & Fun Chinese for Kids is designed with non-native children learning Chinese as a foreign language in mind. It follows the rules of teaching foreign language to children and makes learning a great fun. Pinyin, spoken Chinese, Chinese children's songs, Chinese characters, and short passages are structured into this book. Accompanied with illustrations, this book is easy to follow and fun to use. Language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing of children will be enhanced in a gradual way. There are 6 books in the box set and each book has 15 lessons: * Book 1 teaches mainly pinyin, combining with characters and words. * Book 2 teaches some words and phrases, sentence patterns, common greetings, and further pinyin. * Book 3 and 4 include dialogues aiming to improve communication skills in Chinese, and help children learn how to express their needs or wishes. In addition, some basic foundation for writing is laid by explaining strokes and order of strokes of Chinese characters. * Book 5 and 6 contain short stories well known to Chinese children, with the aim to enhance reading and writing skills. Reading comprehension will be enhanced through reading fables and short stories behind idioms. There are accompanying multimedia softwares and DVDs that combine pronunciation, words, video and music. Both the textbooks and multi-media tools are like a Chinese teacher standing by and make learning Chinese fun and easy!

Product ID: 503553     ISBN-13: 9787802003996
Categories: Learn, Learn > Children's
Supporting language: Chinese
Platforms/media types: Windows, Printed Matter, DVD
Specifications: Product Specifications Weight 5.10 lbs ISBN 9787802003996 ISBN-13 9787802003996 Year Published 2006 Size 7.5 x 10.75 Pages 6 CD-ROMs, 6 DVDs, 6 Books, 1 Pack of Cards Language Chinese Cover Box