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Eastern Arabic (Textbook and Audio CDs)

Eastern Arabic (Textbook and Audio CDs)
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An introduction to Levantine Arabic spoken by Palestinian, Syrian, and Lebanese Arabs, by Frank A. Rice and Majed F. Sa'id. The text uses transcription rather than the Arabic alphabet, to represent the sounds of the modern spoken language, and includes an Arabic-English glossary.

The text is divided into thirty units. Practically all the units have pattern sentences, structure sentences, grammar and drills. The pattern sentences represent conversational material. Preceding most sentences are breakdowns giving the new words that occur in the sentence. The sentences are frequently a conversational English equivalent of the Arabic, not a word-for-word translation.

The structure sentences do not represent conversational material. They are intended to introduce selected grammatical features in an inductive way. They form the basis both for formal grammatical statements and for grammatical drill.

The grammar is a formal statement of selected grammatical features of the language. This material is primarily for individual study.

The drills provide practice in using the vocabulary that has been introduced, and practice in making grammatical changes. The drill material is to be used after the pattern sentences and structure sentences have been thoroughly learned.. 8 CDs, (7 hrs.), 400-p. text. Note: The text comes with a bound-in CD containing MP3 files of representative audio material from the book.

Recorded by native speakers with pauses for you to repeat.

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