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E-Z Hebrew Phrases

E-Z Hebrew Phrases
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E-Z Hebrew Phrases is the product that youve been waiting for. Over 1000 phrases in 60 chosen categories, designed to give the user the vocabulary and speaking abilities needed to converse in modern day Hebrew. Both the beginner and advanced Hebrew speaker will benefit with their choice of Male or Female voices and speed settings that customize the learning to the users needs. The instant look-up dictionary is invaluable for finding just what you want to say. The well-designed quiz and review sessions from both Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew will help you remember the lessons. The record and playback features will have you speaking like an Israeli in no time! This is truly conversational Hebrew made E-Z!

Computerized Hebrew English Dictionary... All Hebrew Words Transliterated to English... Hebrew Sentences pronounced in clear CD Quality native Israeli voice... Record and Playback your pronunciation and match it to CD voice... Corrects and Reviews your mistakes... Grades and tracks your progress... Prints all word lists for convenient study away from the computer... Over 1000 phrases in 60 daily life situations... Categories include: Travelling, Medical, Shopping, Reservations, Emergency situations...

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Supporting language: Hebrew
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