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Languages > Hebrew > Kids > Digital Hebrew Prayer Trainer - for Children
Digital Hebrew Prayer Trainer - for Children

Digital Hebrew Prayer Trainer - for Children
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This fantastic Digital Siddur is just the thing to get young children interested in Prayer. Containing all the most important prayers for beginners, including Modeh Ani, Asher Yatzar, Al Netilat Yadayim, Adon Olam, Shema Yisrael, Hamalach Hagoel, and much more, it will guide your young one throughout his or her whole day, from waking up to going to sleep.

And best of all, each page is accompanied by a button which when pressed will allow your child to hear the prayer read or sung out loud! The Trainer features a large quality speaker which emits clear sounds with beautiful Hebrew diction. By listening to the high quality voice and music the child will acquire the correct Hebrew pronunciation.

This is such a practical study tool... that we can recommend it for adults as well. The pronunciation is Israeli Sephardic. The Voice is clear and crisp! This Digital Book is sturdy and well made - with an easy to clean hard cover. It contains 16 full daily prayers.

Product ID: 500303     ISBN-13: 9789659100101
Category: Kids
Supporting language: Hebrew
Platforms/media types: Toys-Misc. Materials