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Languages > Hebrew > Movies/Videos > Children's > Dig Dig Dug: Let's Get to Work (DVD)
Dig Dig Dug: Let's Get to Work (DVD)

Dig Dig Dug: Let's Get to Work (DVD)
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The well-loved children’s series on TV and VHS, whose creators are major Israeli composers, comes to DVD! Dig Dig Dug is a sweet, fuzzy bear who, in this bright new installment, helps children decide: what will I be when I grow up? With the participation of children’s star Dalik Volonitz (Our Wonderful World) and a host of children, songs and stories describing such occupations for girls and boys as dancer, doctor, chef, and mechanic are presented. Includes bonus episodes from the TV series and other special features (Dig Dig Dug: Shalosh, Arba’ La-‘Avoda, Israel 2006, Color)

Product ID: 502130
Categories: Kids, Movies/Videos, Movies/Videos > Children's
Supporting language: Hebrew
Platforms/media types: DVD
  • 40 mins
  • Hebrew (No Subtitles)