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Languages > Haitian > Proverbs > Di yon Vèb Tire yon Kont
Di yon Vèb Tire yon Kont

Di yon Vèb Tire yon Kont
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Di yon Vèb Tire yon Kont , 2nd edition by Emmanuel Védrine

Kòm ti liv sa a endike deja: Di yon vèb tire yon kont, se fason ki pi fasil pou itilize l e pou metrize kont yo alafwa. Vèb yo klase an òd alfabetik de "A" jiska "Z" yon fason pou rann li fasil pou itilize yo. Chak kont gen yon nimewo ant parantèz. Nan endèks repons la, nimewo sa a gen yon non ki vin apre l ki repons lan. This book contains a wide range of Haitian proverbs and sayings.

Product ID: 505173     ISBN-13: 9781584327509
Category: Proverbs
Supporting languages: Creole, Haitian
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
Specifications: In Haitian-Creole. 8.5x11 inches.
2011, 105pp, Perfect Binding, Soft Cover
As this booklet indicated already : Tell a verb shoot an account is the easiest way to use it and master accounts at once. Verbs are classified in alphabetical order of "A " to " Z" a way to make it easy to use. Each account has a number in parentheses . In response index , this number has a name following his answer.
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