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Tony is a village orphan who finds shelter under the wings of a parish priest Fr. Fernandes, who brings him up as his own son in the way so love truth and tolerance. But Tony has terrible temper and he is aroused by ht e acts of injustice. Tony enjoysthe friendship of an intesly loyal freindpolice inspoector Lawrence.

Tony is in love with a native Belle, Lily whom he marries but looses her in child birth. He now showers all his love and devotion on his child Mary who grows up in the living image of her mother. She goes to college where she falls in love with a play boy and looses her virginity and he refuses to marry her. Tony goes to the boys house to persuade him to marry his daughter but on his refusal to do so Tony forcefully asks him to marry but boy is brought to the church he is found dead. Tony is arrested and sentenced for life, Fr. Fernandes dies and his daughter also commits suicide. But Tony escapes from the clutches of the law and returns years later as Tarun Gupta, but inspector who suspects the identity now becomes his shadow. He finds his daughter alive and with a lovely daughter but can't address his own daughter. (English Subtitles, Dolby 4 CH)

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