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Languages > English > Travel > Devalaya - Great Temples of India
Devalaya - Great Temples of India

Devalaya - Great Temples of India
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Devalaya - Great Temples of India
Amid the voluminous scholarly tomes and glossy, expensive coffee-table books on Indian temples and architecture, Devalaya is an exception, rendering something beyond wry technical, architectural details, and something more than pretty pictures with little information.

This book talks not just about the history and architecture of temples, but also of the myths and legends sorrounding them, their rituals and festivals and everything that is part of these vibrant, colorful institutions. Meant for travellers, both of the active and armchair type, Devalaya caters to all those who find temples and the myraid myths about them fascinating. Knowing these legends, while visting these palaces of gods, while watching their rituals and festivals, standing among the devotees for whom the dieties are a living presence, one is in touch with a heritage in a primeval, emotional way that can not be captured in words.

Product ID: 44123     ISBN-10: 8171675050
Category: Travel
Supporting language: English
Applicable country: India
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter