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Languages > Hindi > Movies/Videos > Love Stories > Dekh Kabira Roya
Dekh Kabira Roya

Dekh Kabira Roya
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Ranjit a young painter, Pradeep a writer and Mohan a singer become friends. Pradeep accompanies Ranjit to select a few of his paintings for his magazine. Pradeep comes to know that Ranjit has to pay 6 months rent . Pradeep meets the land lords daughter Rekha who is a painter herself mistakes Pradeep for a painter and persuades her father to forgo all the rent and allow Ranjit to stay in the house. Mohan the singer is chased out of the room by his neighbours for singing. He finds Ranjit and both of them decide to got to Pradeep for help. Pradeep is absent and while Ranjit is searching for him Mohan meetsKalpana a young writer She pours out all her admiration for the writer. But before Mohan can clear the misunderstanding, Ranjit drags Mohan.

In Mohan's house Ranjit meets Geeta a singer an admirer of Mohan. Mistaking Ranjit to be Mohan,Geeta expresses her regards for him and assure Ranjit can practice his singing. These friends meet at the coffee house they ponder over their meeting with the three girls and they decide to exchange their rooms to be close to their sweet hearts and reveal their true identities. Girls unfortunately dislike any other form of art other than what they love. The three artists learn each other s art but in vain. In the mean while the girls father arrages their marriges. But in the marrige pandalthe girls come to know of the true identities. How the girls come to realise that it is the person they are in love with not the achievements.

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Categories: Movies/Videos, Movies/Videos > Love Stories
Supporting language: Hindi
Platforms/media types: DVD