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Languages > Cornish > Learn > Cornish for Beginners (3rd Edition)
Cornish for Beginners (3rd Edition)

Cornish for Beginners (3rd Edition)
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This book offers an elementary course of strictly limited scope, designed to enable the students to become familiar with the essentials of Cornish as easily as possible. It omits many alternative usages, idioms, and exceptions to grammatical rules, since attempting to learn these at the same time as the basic rules themselves is liable to cause confusion and delay. Some may feel that in places I have gone too far in simplifying complex rules, but in a beginners' book it is better to err thus than in the other way, and the success of the previous editions shows that this book meets a real need. It is designed both for class use and for sel-tuition, and should enable students to read and write Cornish reasonably well, but it is not a conersational course and only regular practice can give the fluency in speech without which no language really lives.

Product ID: 101733     ISBN-13: 9781850220763     ISBN-10: 185022076X
Category: Learn
Supporting language: Cornish
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