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Corita - Ten Rules for Students and Teachers - On Teaching and Celebration

Corita - Ten Rules for Students and Teachers - On Teaching and Celebration
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Corita - Teh Rules for Students and Teachers: On Teaching and Celebration Two Films by Baylis Glascock: We Have No Art - 26 minutes (filmed in 1967 at Immaculate Heart College, Los Angeles) From Marshall McLuhan, Corita quotes the Baln\inese saying, "We have no art, we do everything as well as we can." She comments, "I think that should be our motto for the art department... You see, you don't have art off in a special category. " She says, "Ideas can come from anywhere." Here Pop Art serigraphs famously use advertising slogans and imagery, as well as words from literature and the news. Her 'happenings' heighten awsareness for a classroom or an auditorium of 500. Her drawing class visits a car wash for an exercise in looking. Her way of teaching is always a work in progress. To 'Some Rules and Helpful Hints for Students and Teachers' by John Cage, she adds, "There should be new rules next week." Mary's Day 1964 12 minutes (filmed at Immaculate Heart College, Los Angeles) This documentary records an experiment in making a traditional celebration contemporary with Pop Art. Special Features: * Interview with Corita on her 53rd birthday. * Interview with Sam Eisenstein at Hammer Museum exhibition: Power Up, Sister Corita and Donald Moffett Interlocking, Los Angeles 2000 * Four interviews from 1982 - 1985 * Happening at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, October 1966 (unedited film) * Slide show of Corita's artwork Looped playback: * We Have No Art ( We Have No Art & Mary's Day * Happenings * Seirgraph Slideshow To Learn More About Corita Visit: The Corita Art Center of Immaculate Heart Community 5515 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025 323-466-2157 323-466-2150 fax

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