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Languages > Hebrew > Learn > Comprehensive Modern Hebrew for Windows
Comprehensive Modern Hebrew for Windows

Comprehensive Modern Hebrew for Windows
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Modern Hebrew is a comprehensive Hebrew language course. Learn to speak Hebrew in 21 interactive lessons designed by experts to help you learn Hebrew quickly and effortlessly. Improve and enhance your conversational skills and overall Hebrew language comprehension with this exciting program.

You'll follow the linguistic adventures of Daniel, a visiting student, as he tours and studies in modern Israel. Words are translated with a click of a button, and entire on-screen passages are read clearly and distinctly. Modern Hebrew features 21 interactive lessons,complete with Hebrew/English dictionary of all words used in the program, exercises and quizzes. The program also features a memorable journey through Israeli culture, with songs, photos, and more. Modern Hebrew is colorful and attractive, and is a great learning tool. Improve, enhance, and increase your conversational Hebrew skills and overall language comprehension with this exciting new program.

Product ID: 500307
Category: Learn
Supporting language: Hebrew
Platforms/media types: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista
  • Conversational Hebrew - Follow the adventures of Daniel, a visiting student, as he tours modern Israel, learning to speak Hebrew as he goes.
  • Hebrew Vocabulary - Instant translation of any word that appears in the program.
  • Study at Your Own Pace - Text can be read to you in three different ways, including one-word-at-a-time, sentence-by-sentence, or complete passages.
  • Dictionary - Hebrew-English / English-Hebrew dictionary which includes all words used by the program.
  • Principles of Hebrew Grammar - Notes on grammar are arranged by lesson and theme.
  • Israeli Culture and Geography - A memorable multimedia cultural journey into Israeli geography, history, and culture, with photos, descriptions, and songs.

    If you don't have any Hebrew background, that's fine too. Modern Hebrew also teaches basic Hebrew reading, after which you can quickly immerse yourself in the main program material.

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