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Languages > Japanese > Learn > Grammar > Complete Japanese Adjective Guide (Paperback)
Complete Japanese Adjective Guide (Paperback)

Complete Japanese Adjective Guide (Paperback)
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Beginning and intermediate students of Japanese are often daunted when they face the adjective—for the formation of adjectives in Japanese is extremely complex. At last, there is help. This book focuses solely on the adjective and provides clear and comprehensive instructions, as well as effective exercises and drills, for forming Japanese adjectives. Topics covered include: levels of formality, regular and “-na” adjectives, negative forms, using adjectives in permission and prohibition and much more. By working through the exercises in this book and mastering the skills taught, a student’s overall facility with Japanese will be greatly enhanced. The Complete Japanese Adjective Guide is a great companion book for any beginning or middle level student of Japanese, a book designed for maximum ease of use and ultimate effectiveness.

About the Author
Ann Tarumoto has a bachelor’s degree from Barnard College and a master’s degree from Hiroshima University. She currently teaches Japanese at Manhattanville College and lives in New York.

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