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Languages > Nepali > Colloquial Nepali by Rogers G.G. (Hardcover)
Colloquial Nepali by Rogers G.G. (Hardcover)

Colloquial Nepali by Rogers G.G. (Hardcover)
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The book consists of sixty lessons including certain lessons set aside for revision. Each lesson is designed to include sufficient work for one hour's study at the end of a large number of lessons test sentences are given. The English sentences should be translated by the student without reference to the Nepali translation, in each case given after the English. The Nepali translation should then be used as a key by the student, enabling him to correct his own work. Many notes and explanations are included with these translations. 124 Pages.

Product ID: 100159     ISBN-10: 8120606353
Categories: Classroom/Schools, Classroom/Teaching Materials, Learn
Supporting language: Nepali
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