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Languages > Japanese > Software - Mac > Claris File Maker Pro for Mac V. 2.1J

Claris File Maker Pro for Mac V. 2.1J
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Japanese version of File Maker Pro. FileMaker Pro 4.0 is one of the easiest ways to manage information - from your desktop, across your network and to the Web. The latest version of this award-winning, relational end-user database answers the widest range of database needs - from transforming Microsoft Excel spreadsheet documents into fully functional FileMaker Pro databases in just seconds to operating an attractive, sophisticated retail business on the Web using built-in CGI tools. FileMaker Pro 4.0, the powerful, flexible, easy-to-use, end-user relational database solution is now web savvy.

Product ID: 78
Categories: Database, Software - Mac
Supporting language: Japanese
Platforms/media types: Mac
  • CPU: >= 68030 or PowerMac
  • OS: >= KanjiTalk 7.1& JLK
  • RAM: 3MB (68K Mac), 5MB (PMac)
  • HD: 1.1MB (68K Mac), 2.5MB (PMac)
  • Compatible Printer for Macintosh
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