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Languages > Chinese > Software - Mac > Chinese QuarkXPress 4.0.3 Chinese Trad 68K Mac FD
Chinese QuarkXPress 4.0.3 Chinese Trad 68K Mac FD

Chinese QuarkXPress 4.0.3 Chinese Trad 68K Mac FD
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Chinese QuarkXpress supports all the equivalent English version features of QuarkXpress, such as advanced handling of color and the ability to open seven documents at one time. It supports PowerTalk and QuickTime. QuarkXpress Macintosh (Mac version) is compatiable with QuarkXpress (Win Version). It can import any formate file picture, e.g. MAC & PCOs EPS file and DCS 1.0/2.0 format picture files. It can read files which were not created in QuarkXpress, e.g. Microsoft Word, Works, Worperfect, and WriteNow.

Product ID: 2158
Categories: Desk Top Publishing, Localized Prod, Software - Mac
Supporting language: Chinese
Platforms/media types: Mac
  • CPU: Macintosh
  • OS: Chinese Sys 7.1 or CLK
  • RAM: 5MB to 8MB
  • ADB Port for Hardware Key
  • Features:

  • EfiColor Color Management System
  • English QuarkXPress Compatible
  • QuarkPrint


    Tech Notes: ELIMINATING FONT OUTPUTTING PROBLEMS FROM QUARK Have you thought about purchasing one of the Japanese, Chinese or Korean localized versions of Quark only to change your mind when you found out that the service bureau you normally deal with can't output double-byte text. Here is a procedure for converting Asian Fonts to outlines and creating EPS files from a Quark document. This procedure will eliminate font problems when outputting to any Postscript output device.

    1. Activate all necessary fonts through ATM or Suitcase.

    2. Open Quark document, then make 2 copies of the problem page. For the sake of argument we'll say page 1 is the original and pages 2 and 3 are identical copies.

    3. Go to page 2 and delete all images, blends, rules and boxes leaving only the text.

    4. Save page 2 as EPS.

    5. Open the EPS using Illustrator 7 or higher.

    6. Select All then create outlines.

    7. To eliminate printing errors, do a "Find Font" under the Type pull down menu. Any fonts showing as still being used in the document should be substituted with Courier or Helvetica.

    8. Find the background box that defines the bounds of the page and make sure it is set to none for the fill.

    9. Do a Save As Illustrator EPS and set the settings to 6.0 and include document thumbnails.

    10. Go to page 1 of your Quark document and delete all the text from this page. Import your Illustrator EPS into a picture box that is the size of the page and positioned at X=0 and Y=0. The background of the box should be none and the runaround should be none.

    Page 1 is ready for the output device. No fonts are necessary on the output device. Page 2 is available for type changes by repeating steps four to ten. Page 3 is a backup of the original document.

    If you are using QuarkXPress 4.04 you will need Illustrator 8.0 to open the EPS. If you are using QuarkXpress 3.3 you can use Illustrator 7.0.