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Languages > Chinese > Software - Mac > Chinese Fonts (Monotype) Yuen XBold B5 Trad HR PS Font

Chinese Fonts (Monotype) Yuen XBold B5 Trad HR PS Font
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Monotype Postscript fonts are device fonts. This means they can only be installed on a hard drive attached to a printer or imagesetter. The fonts are provided on a CD-ROM and are keyed to the specific device you install them on. These fonts are strictly for use on Apple Macintosh based systems. The Postscript fonts ship with bitmap versions that need to be installed into the System Folder of the Macintosh computer. If you need WYSIWYG on your computer, you should consider purchasing the TrueType font equivalent for your Mac System.

Product ID: 2087
Categories: Fonts, Software - Mac
Supporting language: Chinese
Platforms/media types: Mac
  • CPU: 68020
  • OS: System 7.1Tor CLK
  • RAM: 8 MB
  • CD-ROM
  • Features:

  • Compatible Imagesetters: True Adobe RIP, Agfa Star RIP, Linotype RIP3 RIP4, Monotype PS400, Varitype6000/8000
  • Compatible Software RIPs: Monotype Software RIP, Harlequin RIP
  • Compatible Printers: LaserWriter II NTX-A, NTX-J, Pro630, Dataproducts LZR 960 & 1560, TI MicroLaser XL Turbo, Tektronic Phaser II & III, NewGen, QMS 860 (2011.22)