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Languages > Chinese > Learn > Flash Cards > Chinese Character Flashcards 888 (Mandarin)
Chinese Character Flashcards 888 (Mandarin)

Chinese Character Flashcards 888 (Mandarin)
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Learn the most frequently used Chinese characters through these durable, academically proven, easy-to-use flashcards. With the help of the popular Wenlin system, these 888 flashcards, ranked by their frequency of use, make learning for beginning and intermediate Chinese students fun and easy.

Each card is packed with information:

  • The upper left hand corner of the card is a number that ranks the frequency of use.
  • The upper right hand corner of the card shows the radical.
  • The character's traditional form (if applicable), is listed parenthetically below the simplified character. Stroke order, sometimes abridged into significant units, is listed below the character.
  • The reverse side shows pronunciation and examples of common usage, with pinyin Romanization and English definitions.
  • The index reference cards list the characters alphabetically by pinyin, with the usage frequency card for quick reference. Tone marks are listed on the cards themselves, not in the index.

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