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Chinese Astrology - Plain and Simple

Chinese Astrology - Plain and Simple
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Chinese Astrology - Plain and Simple
Here is a complete and easy-to-use guide to the Chinese horoscope, written by world-famous astrologer and best-selling author Suzanne White.

An ancient zodiac system, Chinese astrology is based on a cycle of twelve years, each governed by a particular animal. We are all born under the sign of one of these animals, and each of us has a unique destiny and character determined by that sign. In addition to learning how to determine and analyze your own horoscope, this book will provide you with startling insights into your friends, lovers and yourself as you gain a deeper understanding of the forces governing interactions between people. Peppered throughout are anecdotes about famous personalities, illustrating how their characters are influenced by their birth years.

Lively and engaging, Suzanne White’s Chinese Astrology Plain and Simple is sure to be an instant best-seller.

Product ID: 44105     ISBN-13: 9780804831888     ISBN-10: 0804831882
Category: Astrology
Supporting language: English
Applicable country: China
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
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