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Chicken Cookbook (Indian Cuisine),The

Chicken Cookbook (Indian Cuisine),The
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Although the grandeur of the past is no longer a way of life in modern India, the splendor of its cuisine is still undiminished. This book explores the cooking traditions in this vast and colorful country.

There are almost as many ways of cooking chicken as these are cooks. This most versatile and undoubtedly the most popular non-vegetarian item on most tables, in India and abroad, can be curried, fried, roasted, grilled, baked or just shredded into salad with the most spectacular results.

Here, the author sets down over a hundred recipes - some of them well-known and often served at homes and restaurants, some that are special to a region or community, and several others that have been improvised and perfected by the author over the years. The recipes include: Kalmi Kabab / Tandoori murgh pakora / Murgh malai tikka / Balti achari murgh / Murgh musallam / Nargisi murgh kofta curry / Sabz murgh / Yakhani Kashmiri murgh / Kori gashi / Sindhi methi murgh. The book also tells that fragrant biryanis, spicy achars, mouthwatering kababs, and many other things you can do with chicken. THE AUTHOR: SHARDA PARGAL spent her early childhood in Lahore, but her formal education was in Delhi, where the family moved after partition. A couple of years after her marriage she accompanied her husband to the UK where she developed her lifelong interest in the art of cooking. She experimented with Western and Chinese food, and started t4eaching Chinese, Continental and Mughlai cuisine through her pioneering cooking classes. Since then her repertoire has expanded to include Thai, Lebanese, Italian and Mexican cuisine. Celebrities from every walk of life have all been her students. She has been featured on television shows and in women's magazines.

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Applicable country: India
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