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Languages > Italian > Chi ? - Italian Game for Kids
Chi ? - Italian Game for Kids

Chi ? - Italian Game for Kids
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Chi ? - Italian Game for Kids

The aim of this card game is to teach and/or review the vocabulary involved in describing people. Each player draws a card with the description of a person on it. The other players must then ask yes/no questions to figure out the identity of the mystery person. The accompanying instructions provide suggestions for many variations of the game. Contains 2 packages of 33 cards and instructions.

Product ID: 505056     ISBN-13: 9788853611741
Categories: Classroom/Schools, Games
Supporting language: Italian
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
Specifications: Box size: 215 x 145 mm (contains 2 packs of 33 cards)
Overview A card game to learn or revise vocabulary and structures relating to physical description. Players take turns to pick a card and formulate questions about the physical appearance of a mystery person. The questions require a Yes or No answer. The winner is the player who guesses the most mystery people and obtains the most cards. The included Teacher's Guide provides alternative ideas for using this game. Guidance for Use This game is aimed at children learning Italian as a second language and is suitable for beginners to intermediates who are able to ask and respond to simple questions in Italian.