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Languages > Cherokee > Learn > Cherokee Language Coach CDs - CD 1
Cherokee Language Coach CDs - CD 1

Cherokee Language Coach CDs - CD 1
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No Workbook ! Just Listen & Repeat ! Ever wish you had a Cherokee speaker with you at all times? Of course! That would be great! Well, now it's possible. With the Introduction to Cherokee program with Sam Hider you learn how to read and write the language. With the Language Coach, you learn how to speak and use the language. With each CD in this series, you get three 25 minute "Listen & Repeat" programs. #LR01: Lesson #1. Phrases such as I know, I don't know, I understand, I don't understand, Please help me, and other phrases you may need when you're just getting started learning the language. In Lesson #2: Hungry? Lost? Looking for a hospital? a police station? We give you the "Where can I find" questions along with words for restaurant, restroom, police station, hostpital, etc. In Lesson #3: Now that you've found a restaurant, how do you ask for something to eat? In this program, we give you the phrases for asking for food. There are specific phrases to use when asking for things. You'll learn how to use the proper phrase easily and quickly.

Product ID: 109827
Category: Learn
Supporting language: Cherokee
Platforms/media types: Audio CD
CD with three 25-minute Listen and Repeat lessons: #1 - Classroom Phrases, #2 - Asking Directions, #3 - Asking for Food. Great for in the car or when you have a few minutes to practice. Product Detail: Lesson 1: Do you know?, I don't understand, please help me, listen and other learning phrases. Lesson 2: Asking directions, is it right, is it left, how far is it, plus where can I find a restaurant, drugstore, police station, etc. Lesson 3: Food names and how to ask for certain things at the dinner table.
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