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Languages > Cherokee > Children's Books > Grades 6~8 > Cherokee Children's Songs (Audio CD)
Cherokee Children's Songs (Audio CD)

Cherokee Children's Songs (Audio CD)
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12 delightful children's songs that teach the Cherokee language. composed and performed by George (Tsatsi) Vann with only a gourd rattle as accompaniment - in the old traditional Cherokee style of singing. These wonderful songs contain stories of how the Cherokee viewed the animals and the world around them. Songs about Rabbit, Qualil, Bear and Wolf. This CD and booklet also contain an old lullaby his grandmother used to sing to him - one that you too can now sing to your children or grandchildren. Highly recommended.

Product ID: 502210
Categories: Children's Books, Children's Books > Grades 6~8, Kids, Music
Supporting language: Cherokee
Platforms/media types: Audio CD