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Languages > Chinese > Learn > Cheng & Tsui - Chinese Made Easy - Level 2 (WorkBook)

Cheng & Tsui - Chinese Made Easy - Level 2 (WorkBook)
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Chinese Made Easy is a Mandarin Chinese program for young students ages 10 and up that emphasizes equally the development of oral communication skills and a solid foundation in character recognition and writing. With its attractive and Colorfully designed pages, it presents up-to-date topics relevant to young students in a fun and interesting way. Sentence structures and grammar rules are taught through simple explanations, and reinforced with a variety of practice exercises. Careful pacing leads to gradual progress in language skills, with clearly focused aims for each unit., regular review, and consistent reinforcement. Designed for young students taking SAT II Chinese text (U.S), GCSE/IGSE Mandarin Chinese Exams(U.K.) and Australian Mandarin Exams, or for students who are starting to learn Chinese on their own, this course introduces 850 Characters.

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