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Ceramic Design Course

Ceramic Design Course
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Ceramic craftsmen intent on making pottery for everyday use, as well as dedicated artisans concentrating on fine-art objects will find inspiration and practical instruction in this handsome volume. Step-by-step tutorials take readers through each stage of the ceramic-making process with—

  • A clearly illustrated summary of essential potter’s tools
  • Instruction on developing design concepts and making prototypes and technical drawings
  • Making models from drawings
  • Making sample pieces to test glazes, colors, and surfaces
  • Final design, creation of finished pieces, and development of a portfolio for presentation to buyers

    Featuring practical exercises for each stage in pottery design and construction, this beautifully illustrated book is mainly intended for students planning to develop a career as professional ceramic designers—but ambitious amateur do-it-yourselfers will also find plenty of inspiration and solid instruction. The author, a noted ceramicist, covers all forms of ceramic design, both practical and sculptural. The text is complemented with more than 400 instructive and inspiring color photos.

    Product ID: 501356
    Categories: Crafts, Hobbies
    Supporting language: English
    Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
    Paperback / 144 Pages / 8 3/4 x 8 3/4 / 2008