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Cebuano DVD

Cebuano DVD
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Cebuano Language DVD contains 26 categories of Cebuano words and phrases. The words are displayed as they are spoken. The background is scenes of the Philippines. There are 44 minutes of content on this DVD.

Hear and see Cebuano (Visayan) words and phrases. For DVD players and most computer DVD drives. There are 26 chapters of Cebuano audio/video on this DVD. See the words as they are spoken, with scenes of the Philippines in the background.

The Cebuano DVD uses the North America video format - NTSC

Product ID: 502412
Categories: Classroom/Schools, Classroom/Teaching Materials, Kids, Learn
Supporting language: Cebuano
Platforms/media types: DVD
DVD Chapters

1 Action Words 2 Days of the Week 3 Numbers 4 Months 5 Time Relation 6 Common Expressions 7 Everyday Expressions 8 Opposites 9 Comparisons 10 Relations 11 Friendship 12 Personal Descriptions 13 Personality 14 Introductions 15 Shopping 16 Jobs 17 Vegtables 18 Fruits 19 Anatomy 20 Nature 21 Animals 22 Why 23 What 24 How 25 When 26 Where