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Canon Wordtank V90 Japanese/Chinese/English Handheld Dictionary
Canon Wordtank V90 Japanese/Chinese/English Handheld Dictionary

Canon Wordtank V90 Japanese/Chinese/English Handheld Dictionary
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Canon's New Wordtank V90 offers the ability to hear pronunciation of Chinese words by a native speaker. In addition Chinese/Japanese Characters/Kanji can be entered on the V90 screen using a stylus pen. Hiragana and English can also be entered via stylus pen. Recommended for those at an advanced level of Japanese or Chinese language.

Chinese/Japanese Dictionaries

  • Chinese-Japanese Dictionary - 87,000
  • Japanese-Chinese Dictionary - 76,000
  • Today Chinese Language Dictionary - 65,000
  • Famous Japanese and Chinese Name Pronunciation Guide - 3,000
  • Nikkei Japanese-Chinese Personal Computing Dictionary - 4,000
  • Chinese Language Business Dictionary - 12,500
  • Aibara Shigeru Chinese Language Dictionary - 12,000
  • Chinese/Japanese Kanji Dictionary - 13,112 Kanji
  • DHC Chinese Language Conversation Dictionary - 5,000
  • Chinese New Word Dictionary - 12,000

    English/Japanese/Chinese Dictionaries

  • Oxford English-Chinese Dictionary - 52,000
  • Oxford Today English Dictionary - 80,000
  • Oxford Today English Thesaurus - 365,000
  • Genius Japanese-English - 255,000
  • Genius English-Japanese - 82,000
  • Super Darijirin Japanese Language Dictionary - 252,000
  • Kanji Gen Kanji Dictionary - 13,112 Individual Kanji, 48,000 Kagji combinations
  • Concise Katakana Dictionary - 55,200
  • Japanese Synonym Dictionary - 79,000
  • Japanese Kanji Jukugo Four Kanji Dictionary - 1,422
  • Japanese Proverb Dictionary - 1,422

    Product ID: 108299
    Categories: Dictionary, Handheld Dictionary
    Supporting languages: Chinese, Japanese
    Platforms/media types: Handheld

  • Pronunciation of Chinese Words - Chinese Words can be heard by the touch of a button. Pronunciation of the words are by a native chinese speaker. The voice is not synthesized.
  • Voice Record - Record your own voice for comparison to the native Chinese speakers recording
  • Stylus Input System - Enter Japanese, Chinese or English words via the wordtanks stylus pen. Romaji, Chinese characters, Japanese Kanji, English and Hiragana can be entered via the stylus pen. In addition the G90's keyboard can also be used to input words.
  • Stylus Navigation System - Allows the use of the included stylus to navigate the dictionaries and features of the G90 Wordtank.
  • Chinese Pin-In Input - Input Chinese words in the Pin-in form
  • Book Marker Function - User is able to save their space within a dictionary for later use
  • Japanese/Chinese Character Search - Japanese Kanji and Chinese characters can be searched via writing the character on the screen. Kanji can be searched from its On/Kun reading, radical stroke count, total stroke count, reading of the kanji components or a combination of all the search methods used together.
  • Multi-Jump Function - Allows the user to go from one dictionary to another while searching for a word or a Kanji character. Useful for looking up the hiragana meaning to unknown kanji.
  • Quick Search - Displays possible choices as characters and words are being entered
  • Bundle Dictionary Search - Allows several dictionaries to be searched simultaneously
  • Example Search - Search example sentences in English Japanese and Chinese
  • Plural Dictionary Search - Words can be searched in the plural form
  • Wildcard Search - Makes it possible to find words that you only remember partially
  • History Function - Words that were previously searched can be recalled.
  • Word Memo - Words or Kanji you wish to memorize can be saved in specific files ( Great for studying new words or Kanji!)
  • English Menu Message - (Change the user menu message to Japanese English or Chinese. English Menu is more extensive and detailed then previous wordtanks)
  • Additional features - Romaji or Kana input, auto power off, magnifying of text and English spell check, Letter Size Change from 12/16/24 pixels in size, Size: 148x104x19mm