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Product Types > Handheld Dictionary > Canon Wordtank S503
Canon Wordtank S503

Canon Wordtank S503
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Canon Wordtank S503 is an economic option for students of Japanese and Chinese. For a very low price tag you get a pair of Wisdom Japanese/English Dictionaries (one going from Japanese to English, and the other the reverse) and four great Chinese dictionaries. These include the Oxford English/Chinese dictionary and a pair of Japanese/Chinese dictionaries with a straight up Chinese dictionary to round it out. As if this wasn't already at this low price you still have the Gakken Kanji Dictionary and Super Daijirin Japanese dictionary from the V90. Basically all you lose from the vastly more expensive V90 (when it was available) is the handwritten kanji input functionality and audio. Canon Electrical Dictionary WORDTANK S503 - Color LCD - Japanese, Chinese & English (Japan Import)

Product ID: 503603
Category: Handheld Dictionary
Supporting languages: Chinese, Japanese
Platforms/media types: Handheld
Specifications: * Size: 76.5 x 142 x 16.3mm * Weight: 117g (includes batteries) * Power ( operating hours ): 2 x AAA ( approx. 80hrs ) * This product is for Japan market. Manuals and display are in Japanese only. 1yr Japan warranty. # Shipping Weight: 9.3 ounces # Item model number: WORDTANKS503
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