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Languages > Japanese > Handheld Dictionary > Canon Wordtank S501E Japanese Dictionary
Canon Wordtank S501E Japanese Dictionary

Canon Wordtank S501E Japanese Dictionary
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Contains the following Dictionaries:
Japanese to English * Wisdom Dictionary with 88,000 entries

English to Japanese * Wisdom Dictionary with 90,000 entries

Japanese * Gakken Kanji Dictionary with 6,355 characters
* Super Daijirin Japanese Dictionary with 252,000 words

  • Backlit for easy to see display.
  • Convenient bookmark function
  • Multiple dictionary search
  • Wildcard entry for both '?' and '*' Jump key to quickly go to or from all 4 dictionaries.
  • Wild card searches
  • Adjustable text size (12/16/24pt)
  • Large history function and more!!

    Batteries 2 AAA batteries last 80 hours Size 76 mm x 142 mm X 16.3 mm Weight Approximately 117 g (battery included) Display Size 2.4" (50.8 mm x 28.2 mm) Letter Input Method Romaji (English) input Character Display Size
    * Japanese and English are available sized 12/16/24/48 dot Accessories * 2 AAA batteries

    Product ID: 503534
    Category: Handheld Dictionary
    Supporting language: Japanese
    Platforms/media types: Handheld
    Specifications: 325.00 Grams
    Is this dictionary right for me? The Canon Wordtank S501E is a great little dictionary for those studying (or somewhat fluent) with Japanese. This is a great tool for those who don't want to spend several hundred dollars on one of the more premium models. The English menus make it more accessible for early students, and the Japanese manual has a short English section detailing basic usage.
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