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Languages > French > Dictionary > Cambridge French: Old French - English Dictionary (paperback)
Cambridge French: Old French - English Dictionary (paperback)

Cambridge French: Old French - English Dictionary (paperback)
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Product Description This is the first Old French-English dictionary of its kind to provide a comprehensive reference tool for a broad range of English-speaking users including students, scholars, philologists and historians. This manageable, single-volume, dictionary is based on a large and varied number of texts up to ca. 1350, starting from the "classics" of medieval French literature and extending through all the genres: epic, romance, religious, moral, didactic and allegorical texts, lyric poetry, drama, humor and satire, as well as nonliterary historical, political and legal documents. Translation Review

Product ID: 502788     ISBN-13: 9780521027045
Category: Dictionary
Supporting language: French
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
640 pages 9 x 6.1 x 1.6 inches The editors (the rhyming trio of Hindley, Langley, and Levy), all from the University of Hull, have produced an outstanding Old French-English dictionary. Clearly the audience for such a reference work is limited, yet Cambridge UP has published both a hardback and a paperback edition of this most useful tool, allowing students and academics to purchase the cheaper version for their personal use. Libraries, no doubt, prefer the sturdier hardback. What makes the dictionary especially appealing is its inclusion of multiple cross-referenced entries for the same word under its variant spellings (a common phenomenon in Old French), with cues to go to the most standard form. Most entries are quite succinct, but often strings of synonyms are included and, when appropriate, other less common meanings are noted. Since the meaning of a noun may change depending on the verb it follows, these various permutations are included too. A superb tool in slightly over 600 pages!