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Languages > French > Dictionary > History > Cambridge French - Old French - English Dictionary (Hardcover)
Cambridge French - Old French - English Dictionary (Hardcover)

Cambridge French - Old French - English Dictionary (Hardcover)
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This dictionary is designed for both the general and the specialist reader of Old French texts. It is the first of its kind to cater for a wide range of English-speaking users -- students, scholars, philologists and historians -- and is based on a broad selection of texts representing all genres.

The Dictionary combines ease of reference with comprehensive coverage in a manageable single volume.

It is based on a large number of texts dating up to 1350; epic, romance, religious, moral, didactic and allegorical texts, lyric poetry, drama, humour and satire, non-literary, historical, political and legal documents.

Detailed definitions and grammatical functions are provided, together with common phrases and their translations.

A wide range of variant spellings are included as well as the main dialectal forms, as an aid to recognition and identification.

Product ID: 100560     ISBN-10: 0521345642
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