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BumbleBee - BeeSmartBaby - Vocabulary Builder Vol.3 (DVD)
BumbleBee - BeeSmartBaby - Vocabulary Builder Vol.3 (DVD)

BumbleBee - BeeSmartBaby - Vocabulary Builder Vol.3 (DVD)
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Infants and Toddlers are able to learn basic early words through the BabyBumbleBee Bee Smart Baby multilingual DVDs. Learning can be reinforced through the interactive games included on each DVD. As an added bonus, parents can introduce a second language by playing a video and flashcard games in any of the five languages included on each DVD (english, Spanish, French, German and Japanese). The DVDs can be played interactively either on the TV with the DVD remote, or on a home computer with a DVD drive. An American Sign language Tutor is included on the DVDs and can be played in interactive or auto-play modes. Each DVD includes over 195 minutes of playtime and interactive games.

  • Over 195 minutes of interactive playtime and Video
  • Multilingual Bee Smart Baby Vocabulary Builder Video Volumes
  • Language featured include: English, Spanish, French, German & Japanese
  • American Sign Language tutor with Interactive and auto play modes
  • Multilingual flashcards with interactive and auto-play modes (includes English, Spanish, French, German & Japanese)
  • Interactive Educational Games: Begining reading game, find the matching picture game, question & answer game.

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    Categories: Kids, Learn
    Supporting languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish
    Platforms/media types: DVD