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Languages > English > Kids > BumbleBee - Baby Math Numeracy - Vol.1

BumbleBee - Baby Math Numeracy - Vol.1
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The Baby Math Video Series was designed to enhance the development of fundamental math and number concepts that lay foundation for "Numerical Literacy" later in life. Each video introduces simple age-appropriate number concepts and offers parents a launching point for hours of one-on-one learning fun. Think babies or toddlers aren't ready for math? Think again! These Videos are proven educational winners!

Volume 1 of the Baby Math Video Series presents the number 1 through 5. In addition to developing number recognition skills, Numeracy introduces key numerical concepts. Numeracy reinforces many examples of children counting objects, reinforcing the one-to-one relationship between numbers and objects being counted. This video really does work, and most parents report quick advances in couting and number recognition skills!

Product ID: 104149
Categories: Kids, Mathematics
Supporting language: English
Platforms/media types: VHS Video Tape