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Languages > English > Learn > BumbleBee - Alphabet, Phonics & Fun
BumbleBee - Alphabet, Phonics & Fun

BumbleBee - Alphabet, Phonics & Fun
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Alphabets, Phonics and Fun is a lively and entertaining exploration of the ABCs. Performed by kids for kids, this video covers all the alphabet basics a child needs to know. Alphabet , Phonics and Fun will help a child succeed in Kindergarten and beyond.

Skills fostered by this video are:

  • Upper and Lower Case Letter Recognition
  • First Letter sounds (Short letter sounds are introduced for vowels)
  • Upper case Letter Writing
  • Basic Reading and Decoding Skiils

    This 40 minute introduction to the alphabet is sure to delight and stimulate a child.

    Product ID: 104141
    Category: Learn
    Supporting language: English
    Platforms/media types: VHS Video Tape