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Broken Glass
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An uplifting and tragically moving film version of Arthur Miller's award-winning psychodrama. In 1938, violent anti-Semitic riots break out in Nazi Germany and a sudden unexplained paralysis grips the legs of Brooklyn Jewish housewife Sylvia Gellburg (Margot Leicester). As Dr. Harry Hyman (Mandy Patinkin) investigates her condition, he learns of her fears for the Jews, and for her marriage to Phillip (Henry Goodman), whose loathing of his Jewishness was extended not only to his position in a WASP bank, but to their bedroom. Determined to restore both health and marriage for the Gellbergs, Dr. Hyman must strip away yearning, sexual denial, guilt and social injustice if he is to bring the couple face-to-face with themselves.

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Categories: Movies/Videos, Movies/Videos > Drama
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