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Languages > English > Bridge to English - Fairy Tale Learning (Part 1)
Bridge to English - Fairy Tale Learning (Part 1)

Bridge to English - Fairy Tale Learning (Part 1)
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"Many things are impossible to acquire unless learned during infancy... the development in intelligence from birth to three equals the development from the ages of four to seventeen... repetition of the same thing, over and over, is desirable, not because a baby never gets bored, but because infancy is a period when infants do not yet know boredom... a baby who hears fairy tales over and over again grows up to be a toddler and begins to show an interest in a picture-story, then in the characters of the alphabet and is finally impelled to do the reading by himself... you may jump to the conclusion that there is no point in having an infant listen to vocabulary which he can't understand the point is not to make him understand the content.. but to have him develop a learning pattern as he listens repeatedly to the right pronunciation, accent and intonation of hte language."

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Supporting language: English
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