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Languages > Japanese > Movies/Videos > Black Tight Killers - in Japanese (DVD)

Black Tight Killers - in Japanese (DVD)
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This wild debut feature from director Yasuharu Hasebe, a protege of Seijun Suzuki at Japan's Nikkatsu Studios, is representative of the kind of fare Nikkatsu specialized in at the time--fast-paced, low-budget genre films with generous doses of sex and violence. Hasebe's debut also demonstrates a healthy sense of humor toward the sensational material. Singing star and matinee idol Akira Kobayashi plays a combat photographer trying to save his stewardess girlfriend from an alliance of Japanese and American gangsters after some gold hidden by her father during World War II. Also after the gold is a band of female assassins who use 45 rpm records and bubblegum as part of their arsenal. "An invigorating cocktail, two parts Seijun Suzuki crime film mixed with one part beach-party movie" (American Cinematheque). In Japanese with English subtitles.

Product ID: 109561
Category: Movies/Videos
Supporting language: Japanese
Applicable country: Japan
Platforms/media types: DVD
1966 87 mins