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Languages > German > Learn > Children's > Bilingual Books - GERMAN in 10 minutes a day
Bilingual Books - GERMAN in 10 minutes a day

Bilingual Books - GERMAN in 10 minutes a day
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Key Benefits - Complete language-learning kit - Contains sticky labels, flash cards, and menu guide - Contains puzzles & games, color illustrations throughout, free-words and a glossary - Practical, fast and easy . . . and most importantly it works! 25 Steps Learn a language in 25 easy steps. There are no phrases to memorize, no verb conjugations, no involved grammar explanations. The purpose of these books is to give you an immediate speaking ability in a foreign language, together with some practical and cultural tips. Each step has its own special element of fun -- word games, crossword puzzles and much more. Key Question Words When you arrive in a foreign country, the very first thing yo need to do is ask questions. Each book focuses on the key question words -- words such as when, how much and where -- essential to survival in a foreign country. By learning these key words, the moment you arrive you will be leaps ahead of everyone and ready to begin exploring and experiencing a new culture. Sticky Labels Label over 150 items in your home, classroom or office. The sticky labels make language learning fun. Pick a book that you see frequently and label it. Label the telephone, alarm clock and computer. Every time you see these sticky labels you will be learning your new language without any extra time or effort. Free Words Over 300 of them! Words you can already recognize and that can be added to your vocabulary with just a little pronunciation practice. Say "luh tee-kay" for the French le ticket. They're easy! Flash Cards Cut these out and put them in your pocket. Whenever you have a free moment -- on the way to work or during coffee breaks -- flip through them to review the vocabulary introduced in the book. It's easy! What could be simpler? And yes, the pronunciation is above each word in case you forget. Menu Guide Your meals and food shopping will be a pleasure, not a peril, when you use the handy take-along menu guide. You will be able to dine out anywhere -- from an elegant metropolitan restaraunt to a small, quaint, out-of-the-way cafe where no one speaks English -- and dine in confidence. Pronunciation Guide Say it right the first time. This easy system of pronunciation continues throughout the book. Each time a new word appears, you don't have to guess how to say it because simple phonetics appears directly above the word. What an easy way to learn new words plus those all-important numbers, so you can comfortably order anything from French bread to German beer! Glossary Use this section as a reference while learning and as a refresher after completing the Steps. Then cut out the glossary and take it along on your daily outings. You'll have instant access to hundreds of words so you will always know what others are saying to you! Color Illustrations What better way to enjoy learning than with bright, cheerful, eye-catching color illustrations. Each book has over 400 -- including stamps, menus, foreign currency and traffic signs.

Product ID: 105282     ISBN-13: 9780944502204
Categories: Classroom/Schools, Classroom/Teaching Materials, Learn, Learn > Children's
Supporting language: German
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