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Languages > Hebrew > Learn > Children's > Bert & Ernie Computer Phone – Hebrew
Bert & Ernie Computer Phone – Hebrew

Bert & Ernie Computer Phone – Hebrew
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Bert & Ernie’s Computer Phone is an interactive educational program for preschool children, using a 12-button telephone as its only input device. Easy to install and operate, Bert & Ernie’s Computer Phone simply connects to the home computer - and there’s no keyboard or mouse involved!

Moreover, the telephone has special voice recognition capabilities that allow the child to affect what happens on the screen, either by voice command or by pressing the telephone buttons.

With Bert & Ernie’s Computer Phone, familiar and loveable characters react to the children’s voice, encouraging them to exercise their language skills, expand their vocabulary and stimulate their senses in more than 60 different interactive scenes.

With the help of Bert & Ernie’s computerized phone, your child will learn how to count properly in Hebrew and become familiar with Heberw numbers, shapes and colors, as well as develop social skills, such as cooperation and acceptance of others.

Bert & Ernie’s Computer Phone is highly interactive and entertaining. Children can speak to the characters, and record their own voices on an answering machine that can be played back at any time.

Your Child's voice influences the action on the screen.
Sound-activated technology allows your child to directly affect the action on the screen. By speaking into the phone receiver your child can interact with characters, play games, and join in other fun activities.

A very special phone that connects to your computer.
Bert & Ernie's Computer phone is easy to install and use. The phone requires no phone line or modem. The special connections allow you to use the phone without disturbing the setup of your keyboard or mouse.

Interactive activities that grow with your child.
The Bert & Ernie Computer Phone is packed with engaging activites that can be enjoyed as your child grows and develops. They will continue to enjoy the phone, finding new challenges and ways to have fun.

Helps develop important skills
With the Bert and Ernie Computer Phone, your child will learn about numbers, counting, shapes and colors. Phone activities also help develop social skills like co-operating and accepting others.

Your Child will be encourages to:

  • Recognize shapes, sounds, objects, and colors...
  • Match objects with the sounds they make...
  • Practice counting and grouping...
  • Solve problems...
  • Sing along with on-screen friends...
  • Join Bert & Ernie in lots of other fun activities...

    Children will learn to:

  • Develop creativity...
  • Learn about cause and effect...
  • Develop memory skills...
  • Practice social skills such as helping and accepting others...
  • Build self-confidence...

    Product ID: 104227
    Categories: Learn, Learn > Children's
    Supporting language: Hebrew
    Platforms/media types: Windows 95/98, Windows ME
    Bert & Ernie Computer Phone – Hebrew

    Bert & Ernie Computer Phone – Hebrew