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Languages > Russian > Basic Russian: Book Two (Hardcover)
Basic Russian: Book Two (Hardcover)

Basic Russian: Book Two (Hardcover)
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An exciting world of History, Literature, music, art , science and industry awaits those who have a knowledge of Russian. Basic Russian (Book 2) invites second year students to share in this world by expanding their basic proficiency in the Russian Language.

The Basic Russian series stresses audiolingual practice as well as the more traditional presentation of grammatical structures. This approach ensures that an understanding of grammar patterns will be reinforced by intensive oral practice. Emphasis is placed on reading, aural comprehension and self -expression. Nonetheless, the organization of material allows for a maximum of flexibility to meet the needs of individual classes and students.

Each unit in this book offers a reading selection that is carefully graded according to difficulty. These selections are accompanied by lists of new vocabulary and idioms, comments on the new vocabulary items, and explanations (with frequent examples) of new grammar material.

Product ID: 102536     ISBN-13: 9780844242149
Categories: Classroom/Schools, Classroom/Teaching Materials, Learn
Supporting language: Russian
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
400 pages
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