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Languages > Arabic > Learn > Basic Moroccan Arabic (395-p. text and 17 audio CDs)
Basic Moroccan Arabic (395-p. text and 17 audio CDs)

Basic Moroccan Arabic (395-p. text and 17 audio CDs)
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Developed at Georgetown University School of Language and Linguistics, this course teaches the Arabic of the educated urban population of norwestern Morocco, which includes Fez, Raba, and Casablanca. The text uses roman transcription, not Arabic characters. The text consists of two major parts. lessons and dialogs. Both the lessons and the dialogs are accompanied throughout with English translations. Premliminary material on pronunciation, with drills, precedes the lessons. Appended to the lessons are a glossary and an index of grammatical points covered.

Each lesson consists of four parts, text, grammatical notes, exercises and vocabulary. Each text consists of a small number of phrases and sentences illustrating some grammatical point or points. The grammatical notes provide an explanation of the new grammatical material introduced in the text. The exercises are designed to drill the student on the new grammar and vocabulary of each lesson. The lessons are short, and each one should be mastered thoroughly before the next on is undertaken.

17 CDs and 395-p. text. Recorded by native speakers with pauses for you to repeat.

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