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Languages > Spanish > Learn > Beginners > Barrons - Spanish Every day (Book & Audio Cassette)
Barrons - Spanish Every day (Book & Audio Cassette)

Barrons - Spanish Every day (Book & Audio Cassette)
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Here's an easy and informal language-teaching book and audiotape intended especially for families with younger children. The book dramatizes a day in the lives of children, starting as they wake up in the morning and concluding that night at bedtime. More than 400 cartoon-style illustrations reinforce vocabulary retention and clarify meanings. Boys and girls pick up new words, phrases, and language skills as they are guided from their bedrooms (toys, clothing, numbers) and through the house (names of family members, rooms, furniture). In the kitchen they learn Spanish words for appliances and foods. Outdoors and down the street, they pick up words for workers, cars, trucks, buses, and more. At school they discover Spanish words for objects in the playground and classroom. Back home again and ready for dinner, they learn more Spanish words until bedtime. A 90-minute audiocassette follows the book's story and gives kids the opportunity to hear how Spanish words are pronounced. (Ages 7-12)

Product ID: 103466     ISBN-13: 9780764174452
Categories: Children's Books, Kids, Learn, Learn > Beginners
Supporting languages: English, Spanish
Platforms/media types: Audio Cassette, Printed Matter
Paperback w/cassette / 180 Pages / 7 7/8 x 10 / 2001
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