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Languages > Spanish > ESL Lessons > Barrons - Ingles Para Latinos - 2nd Edition (Paperback with Audio Cassettes)

Barrons - Ingles Para Latinos - 2nd Edition (Paperback with Audio Cassettes)
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Revised and updated with new phrases and vocabulary, new questions and answers, and new tables presenting basic English verbs, this favorite language-learning program is for Latinos in the United States and Canada who need to develop a practical, working use of spoken English, and who want to learn quickly and informally. Author William Harvey bypasses the dull rules of grammar and takes the practical route by presenting a series of informal conversations by speakers who converse in normal idiomatic American English. Emphasis is placed on correct pronunciation, and many helpful tips are offered, including short-cuts to clear spoken English expression and comprehension. Amusing cartoon-style illustrations help to convey understanding of English. The cassettes supplement material in the book and present language learners with the sound of informal American English as it is spoken in everyday situations.

Product ID: 501823
Category: ESL Lessons
Supporting languages: English, Spanish
Platforms/media types: Audio Cassette, Printed Matter
Paperback / 240 Pages / 7 7/8 x 9 15/16 / 2003